Business Writing Skills

Need help to develop your business writing skills so your communications are clear and understood by your audience?

  • Why is it that communication (or mis-communication!) seems to cause so many problems in our working and personal lives?
  • Why can't people make themselves clear when they write a memo or email? 
  • Why do some reports seem to waffle on and miss the point altogether? 
  • How come some proposals leave you wondering what is being proposed? 
  • When I ask someone to do something, why do they misunderstand and deliver something else entirely? 
  • Why don't they just get it? 
  • Why don't they say what they mean?
The list of communication problems could go on forever!

The reality is that much time, effort and goodwill is lost due to poor communications, so the investment in improving our communication skills can be repaid many times over in efficiency, effectiveness and better relationships.

In government and other organisations, one area that can yield real dividends is improvement in business writing skills.

Who will benefit from improving business writing skills?

Anybody in your organisation who writes - and isn't that almost everybody?

Think of the people who write to customers, external groups, communities, ratepayers, suppliers, regulatory bodies and governments. Then what about all the internal communications - emails, memos, reports, proposals, minutes of meetings, briefings, research papers, etc.? 

Your organisation will benefit as well. Think about all the time lost through misunderstanding, rework, duplication, clarification and frustration. Think of the adverse impact of poor communication on your wide range of stakeholders..

Identify the areas where there is the greatest opportunity for improvement in business writing skills, and the biggest impact on your organisation, and invest in those people attending an in-house ProFocus Business Writing Skills workshop. 

What will you learn in the Business Writing Skills workshop?

Participants will learn how to:
  • Have a purpose, plan & tactics for your communications
  • Tailor your message to meet different audience requirements
  • Use templates, standard letters & other time-savers
  • Achieve clarity, conciseness and comprehension
  • Use an appropriate level of language, tone and formality
  • Use good structure, phrasing, spelling & punctuation  
  • Write to sell - ideas, proposals, project briefs, etc. 
  • After-the-fact writing - reports, reviews, minutes
  • Identify and plan personal improvements in business writing skills

Will your organisation benefit from improving staff business writing skills?

Many organisations have taken advantage of our Business Writing Skills course, with Government finding it particularly valuable, in view of their wide range of functions and audiences, and variety of written documents.

Book our Business Writing Skills workshop now to help your people to communicate more effectively with all their stakeholders. (Click on "Contact Us" above.)

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