Leadership Skills

Can leadership be taught? Can we improve leadership skills in leaders at all levels of your organisation?


Well-researched studies world-wide show that leadership is not just inborn. Well-designed training and coaching can improve leadership skills significantly, especially when based on proven models and instruments such as The Full Range Leadership ModelTM and MLQ 360 leadership questionnaire.
ProFocus leadership development training uses these proven tools as part of tailored programs which are carefully designed to provide your people with the best opportunity to improve leadership skills.
Our experienced, accredited facilitators and coaches work closely with your organisation to deliver training which is relevant to your goals, engaging for participants, and provides real world leadership skills which can be applied immediately.

Programs and courses to develop and improve leadership skills

All organisations, whether government or other, will benefit from a structured leadership development program to improve leadership skills of their emerging and growing leaders.
However, the needs of your people and your organisation will be different from the needs of others, so use our expertise to tailor a program for your specific requirements.
Maximum benefits come from running the program over several months, so participants not only improve leadership skills via the content and activities of the program, but develop teamwork, organisational learning and interpersonal skills through working together on problems, solutions and projects. Such a program might run from 3 to 10 modules, depending on the specific leadership areas to be addressed.

2.  Self-Awareness for Leaders
Self-awareness, self-management and awareness of others are key to emotional intelligence, and are critical skills for leaders and supervisors.
Book our one-day workshop Self-Awareness for Leaders for anyone managing other people, to build awareness of self and others through a range of practical tools and activities.
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