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How can you reduce the stress of trying to manage workload, time and priorities?

Workload and stress affect people's daily productivity and morale, and can result in increased absenteeism and staff turnover.
Where the stress is work-related, there are usually underlying causes such as poor time management, conflicting expectations and priorities, unclear goals and objectives, frustrating systems, processes or bureaucracy. People often spend too much time doing things which are not "value-adding", or work excessive hours just to get the job done.
Our one-day "Working Smarter" workshop helps people to assess the volume of work they have, agree with their supervisor just what their real priorities are, resolve questions of who should be doing what, find ways to improve and streamline processes (including meetings), and negotiate with stakeholders who are competing for their time and effort.
By showing people how to manage workload better, we help them to become more productive, regain control over their work lives, and reduce work-related stress.

Steps to better workload management and reduced stress


To build the skills to better manage workload, time and priorities, our experienced facilitators and coaches work with participants on:

  • Taking a realistic look at their customers' and their own expectations
  • Quantifying and categorising their work to understand what is on their plate
  • Comparing the reality (unclear priorities, missing deadlines, cutting corners, etc.) with expectations
  • Identifying the gaps and reasons between expectations and reality
  • Clarifying roles, responsibilities, goals, objectives and priorities
  • Providing easy tips and techniques for improving time and work management (including managing meetings)
  • Building the skills to work smarter rather than harder or longer
  • Using a simple self-coaching process to help set and meet improvement goals and a personal action plan to improve control of work and stress

Through these steps, participants will become more productive and less stressed.

Additional benefits of learning to manage workload better:
  1. Be able to work smarter rather than harder and longer
  2. Be in control and less stressed at work
  3. Make improvements to work-life balance
  4. Learn a self-coaching model and techniques that will be equally applicable and useful in other areas of work and personal life

What some of our participants have said about learning to manage workload in the "Working Smarter workshop:


  • "Great opportunity to understand my situation, find solutions and opportunities to improve. Highly recommended."(Pat, planner, local government)
  • "Gave me good tools to assist with my workload. I liked the mix of visuals, participation and activities." (Mark, Natural Resources Co-ordinator, local government)
  • "I participated in the Time and Workload Management training class you delivered yesterday to our staff and found it extremely valuable. I plan to use the Self-Assessment and Action Planner form again in the near future" (Teresa, Risk Manager, federal government agency)
  • "Very Helpful. Lots of useful ways to save time and manage workload." (Tran, IT specialist, local government)
Book our "Working Smarter" workshop now to help your people to manage workload, time and priorities, increase productivity and reduce stress!
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