Manager as Coach

What style of leadership is most effective in today's world - "manager as boss" or "manager as coach"?


Research* conducted over 20 years and across a wide range of cultures proves beyond doubt that the "manager as coach" approach is far more productive than "manager as boss" in 3 broad areas of organisational outcomes:

  • Effectiveness in meeting the needs of the organisation and its people
  • Generating extra effort, willingness to try harder and desire to succeed
  • Creating satisfaction with work, relationships and leadership style at all levels of the organisation
(* Refer studies on The Full Range Leadership Model TM by Bass and Avolio - the primary leadership model used by ProFocus)

What makes a manager as coach different?

A coaching manager has a totally different view of the potential and capabilities of the team from a "boss". He or she believes in the individual's and team's ability to perform at the highest level, and that the role of the manager is to coach and enable them to do so. The coaching mindset is not the mindset of the "boss"!
Here are some illustrations of the differing mindsets:

Manager as Boss

Manager as Coach

Pushes / drives

Lifts / supports / enables

Tells / directs / lectures

Asks / requests / listens

Knows the answer

Seeks the answer

Points to errors

Celebrates learning

Believes knowledge is power

Believes vulnerability is power


The manager's role as coach is to set clear guidelines and expectations, provide the means to achieve goals and objectives, then monitor, feedback and coach team members to build their skills, confidence and performance.

What will your people learn in "The Manager as Coach" workshop?


Learning outcomes - participants will:

  • Understand the benefits and applications of The Full Range Leadership ModelTM
  • Identify their own leadership styles, strengths and areas where they can improve
  • Learn to set clear guidelines, measures and to manage expectations
  • Understand the importance of feedback, and how to plan, give and receive it
  • Understand what coaching is and is not, its benefits and success factors
  • Learn to use a simple coaching model to plan the improvement journey for themselves and their people
  • Build their skills and confidence in coaching, communicating with and leading their teams using the "Manager as Coach" approach
"The Manager as Coach" course is facilitated by skilled and experienced trainers with a background in leadership and coaching across a wide range of organisations and cultures, who will challenge your people to apply their learning for the benefit of themselves and your organisation.

Have this course tailored for your needs

"The Manager as Coach" course can easily be tailored to meet the specific needs of your people and your organisation, just as we have done for a range of local government and corporate clients. We want to be sure that you get the maximum benefit from your training investment!
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