New Supervisor

How does the new supervisor or team leader learn to achieve results through other people?

Many people do a great job in their technical or functional role, but have never been trained to lead and manage other people. When they move to a leadership role, they are often unprepared for the challenges of working with and achieving through others. The new supervisor needs to learn a new set of skills to lead a high performance team. Attending this course will improve the new supervisor's personal, team and organisational effectiveness.

Who will benefit from this two-day, in-house course?

This course will benefit not only the new supervisor, but also people currently in the role of supervisor or team leader, especially those from technical backgrounds, who are not achieving optimal results through their team members. They may be finding it hard to let go of the day-to-day functional work, be reluctant to delegate and empower their staff, or might lack the skills and confidence to lead their team.
The new supervisor or team leader, or someone about to step up to that role who does not have the relevant training, is the ideal candidate for this course, to build their "people management" skills and ability to lead a productive and successful team.

Why would you choose the ProFocus "New Supervisor" course?

Your organisation will benefit from the improved skills and effectiveness of your supervisors, who will bring their learning to everyday operations, applying greater emotional intelligence and useful techniques to bring out the best in their teams. The results will be seen in better utilisation of people's diverse talents, reduced conflict, better communications, clearer focus and expectations, better productivity and greater engagement.
Your people will be engaged in a highly interactive and wide-ranging course, which is structured to accommodate a wide range of learning methods - information, discussion, case studies, group work and activities. The course covers key "people skills" expected of anyone who leads people, looking at healthy leadership behaviours and styles, decision-making styles and processes, teams, motivation and recognition, morale, conflict resolution, empowerment, diversity and communication.
A key component is the Personal Action Plan for Improving Leadership Behaviours - the final activity which trainees take from the class as a contract with their own manager and team. This provides an effective follow-up tool to gauge the application, impact and success of the training.
"New Supervisor" training is facilitated by skilled and experienced trainers with a background in leadership across a wide range of organisations and cultures, who will challenge your people to apply their learning for the benefit of themselves and your organisation.

"New Supervisor" Course Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of people skills and emotional intelligence in the team leader role
  • Learn how to allocate, delegate and empower to achieve through others
  • Learn to balance strategic leadership with operational requirements
  • Understand and practise effective team processes, roles and behaviours
  • Effectively manage conflict, motivation and morale
  • Understand diversity and how to capitalise on different styles and abilities
  • Use leadership and decision-making styles, tools and techniques appropriate to the situation, people and environment
  • Understand how to create the team environment of trust and respect that will allow your people to grow, develop and contribute most to your organisation

Have this course tailored for your needs

"The New Supervisor" course can easily be tailored to meet the specific needs of your people and your organisation, just as we have done for a range of local government and corporate  clients. We want to be sure that you get the maximum benefit from your training investment!
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