New Supervisor Coaching

Sometimes new supervisors need more than just training. Develop their leadership skills with a new supervisor coaching program that meets their individual needs.


Good specialists and technical people are often promoted to be supervisors and team leaders on the basis of their functional skills, but have never been trained to lead and manage other people. When they move to a leadership role, they are often unprepared for the challenges of working with and achieving through others.
Even after appropriate training, some supervisors still need a period of support to work on goals for improvement; to practise, develop and apply their leadership skills. A new supervisor coaching program tailored for the individual can often be the difference between struggling to be effective, and a confident, competent supervisor who achieves at high level through a motivated and productive team.

Get the guidance and support of trained and experienced coaches.

ProFocus has trained and accredited coaches ready to work with your new supervisors on identifying any leadership skills gaps, and developing agreed goals and plans to lead them and your organisation into the future. Take advantage of our experienced people to provide targeted new supervisor coaching.

Proven coaching and development models for your security

Are you looking for fully researched, proven and validated models for your new supervisor coaching?
The ProFocus approach is all based on world-recognised models such as the Full Range Leadership ModelTM, The Multi-Factor Leadership Questionnaire and Action Learning, along with locally developed tools such as the ErgosPie ® self-coaching model. (The Full Range Leadership ModelTM and MLQ 360 Multi-rater Questionnaire and Report are Bass and Avolio's world benchmark leadership assessment tools, backed by over 20 years of international research. Action Learning has emerged this decade as the key problem-solving and leadership development program for giant global corporations such as Boeing and GE, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations.)
ProFocus coaches are trained and experienced in providing personalised and supportive coaching, and in administering all these well-validated tools and processes.

New supervisor coaching tailored to your people's needs

While all our coaching and development is underpinned by proven models, we know that you and your people will have specific individual needs. That is why ProFocus provides flexible and tailored programs for each organisation and the people chosen for development.
One example was a short-term coaching support assignment for a middle manager in local government. The manager was new to her role and her team, and was struggling to "let go" of the functional work she was so good at, and to focus on the strategic and people development aspects of her new role.
The council engaged us to work with the manager on better managing her time and priorities, identifying time for reflection and planning, and delegating effectively to develop her people, reduce her own work overload and achieve much better productivity and quality outcomes through her team. Our "new supervisor coaching" support has resulted in significant improvement in all of the areas targeted.

Whether your organisation is local government or other, talk to us about new supervisor coaching tailored to the needs of your organisation and the individual.

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