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People's performance drives your organisation's success. Give your leaders the skills to bring out the best in their people.


You'll find a range of proven people management training courses at ProFocus, a skilled training organisation that has years of experience in developing and delivering training programs to develop people, performance and teams.
Your organisation, whether government or other, depends for its success on the skills, behaviours and performance of your people. Investing in developing people's skills and performance is an investment in your organisation's effectiveness and future.
Choose a course to meet your needs, and to build the capacity of your managers and team leaders to get the very best out of their people.

People Management Training tailored to your organisation

Every organisation is unique, and the people management training that will best meet your needs may be different from that needed by another organisation. ProFocus people have the training, experience and expertise to work with you to tailor any of our courses to suit your people, environment, culture and processes.
Our background in corporate management, consulting to local government, and training and coaching across all types of organisations, means that you will get the people management training courses that engage your people, and give them skills to apply immediately in their workplace for the benefit of your organisation.

How will People Management Training help your organisation?

Take a look at the following examples of "people management" problems. If your people could manage these things better, your people and your organisation would benefit from our training!

Q. Do new or inexperienced supervisors or team leaders struggle with the transition from doing the work themselves to achieving through others?

A. If so, then "The New Supervisor" workshop will give them the skills and confidence to plan, organise, delegate, develop their team and achieve through others.

Q. Do team leaders need development across a range of leadership skills - self-management, motivating and empowering, performance management and communication?

A. If so, then the "Effective Team Leader" course will grow their ability to lead and motivate others and to improve overall team productivity.

Q. Do supervisors put off performance appraisals, give inconsistent performance reviews, or struggle to reconcile their assessment with the staff member's?

A. If so, then the "Manage Staff Performance" course will help them to work with your documents, treat performance management as an ongoing process rather than an annual event, and eliminate appraisal surprises.

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People Management Training improves organisational effectiveness and funds utilisation.

The skills, behaviours and performance of your people are critical to your organisation's success. Without engaged and high-performing teams, no organisation can succeed, whatever its field of operation.
Take advantage of any of the ProFocus People Management Training courses to grow your people and build your organisational effectiveness.
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