Problem Solving Skills

What would better problem solving skills and decision making mean to your organisation's performance?


Are important issues and decisions being deferred or buried? If so, do they become more toxic and harder to resolve, the longer they are left?
Do your people lack the best tools and techniques to deal with the wide variety of problems that arise, so they struggle to find and implement the best solutions?
Are decisions make in the most appropriate way for the situation and people involved, or do people use the same approach, good or bad, for decisions which could be as different as dealing with an emergency or building consensus and commitment?
Use our one-day "Problem Solving Skills" workshop to improve the skills and confidence of your people to make more appropriate and more effective decisions of all kinds and at all levels, so that you and your organisation will operate more efficiently and more productively.

What do we know about Problem Solving and Decision Making?

Our facilitators have many years of real world experience in corporate management, running a range of departments and projects in a wide range of cultures. We are trained and experienced in proven problem solving approaches such as Action Learning, Six Sigma (Green Belt qualified), 8-D and TeamSolveTM facilitated workshops, with a background in quality and customer service management.
We have accreditation as facilitators and coaches in Ford's RAPID problem solving process and the MLQ leadership development and coaching process, and in project management.
As a result, we have a comprehensive toolkit of techniques and approaches to pass on as we build the problem solving skills of your people.

What will people learn in the "Problem Solving Skills" workshop?


Participants will:

  • Understand what can go wrong with decision making and why
  • Learn to identify, classify and define problems
  • Match the most appropriate problem-solving process to the problem or decision scale, complexity, impact, purpose and need for buy-in and learning
  • Learn and use tools for analysing problems, symptoms and root causes
  • Use a variety of proven tools and techniques, including Action Learning, to solve problems & make decisions
  • Understand the importance of involving people at all levels in decisions and problems
  • Understand how to deal with diverse personalities, needs and priorities in reaching decisions
  • Understand the need for planning, consulting and communicating decisions
  • Consider key factors in making decisions - environment, context, authority, risk, perceptions, accountability and consequences
  • Improve their overall problem solving skills and decision making
"The course gave me a good structure, explained terminology and gave good techniques for solving problems. A useful insight into breaking down problems and finding solutions." (Paul, production team leader, national dairy food manufacturer.)
Book our "Problem Solving Skills" workshop now to improve the quality and outcomes of your organisation's problem solving and decision making!
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