Productive Teams

How can your organisation perform at its best without effective and productive teams?

All organisations, whether government or other, depend on effective and productive teams to meet their goals and objectives.
One of the real challenges is the time it often takes for a new or changed team to move through the traditional team-building phases from "forming and storming" to "norming and performing". Sometimes the team never gets to the "high performance" level, and this must hurt both the team and the organisation.
But productive teams don't just happen - unless your people and the organisation have the tools, techniques and skills to move quickly into high performance mode.
Bring those tools and skills to your organisation - run the ProFocus one-day "Building Productive Teams" workshop for your people to build, re-build or re-focus high-performing, productive and harmonious work teams at all levels of the organisation.

What does the "Building Productive Teams" workshop offer your organisation?

Your organisation will benefit from:
  1. Teams spending less unproductive time in the "forming and storming" stages that teams typically go through before operating effectively
  2. Team members learning to work together using proven methods (such as Action Learning*) to build their specific and interpersonal skills, to solve problems and to develop as team members and leaders
  3. The personal growth and development and organisational learning that comes from good processes and successful performance
  4. The organisational communication, co-operation and effectiveness that comes from the cross-functional work of trained, productive teams
  5. The productivity, efficient funds utilisation and overall organisational performance that comes from effective teams

What is the workshop approach?

The "Building Productive Teams" workshop is very "hands-on" and interactive, using a range of team models, practical activities and interactive exercises. We draw heavily on the concerns, knowledge and experiences of the group. Participants discuss teamwork barriers and enablers in their workplace, gain team skills by working together on Action Learning* and other activities, and plan team improvement actions and next steps.
(*Action Learning - the key problem-solving and leadership development program for giant global corporations such as Boeing and GE, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations.)

Learning Outcomes: participants will:

  • Understand team roles and responsibilities and where they fit in the bigger picture, with a clear idea of their purpose, goals, objectives and expectations
  • Understand more about team and group dynamics and building productive teams through Action Learning, and how to apply that knowledge productively
  • Learn more about fellow team members in terms of the diverse talents and approaches they bring to the team, and understand the resources and networking benefits available within and outside the group
  • Provide individuals with skills and awareness to minimise team conflict, identify areas where improvement would most benefit the team and organisation, and prioritise joint / individual improvement action plans to maximise team effectiveness.
"The Team Building workshop was great! It's helped improve our team dynamics, the level of co-operation between team members and overall productivity. The group exercises...really helped build our level of teamwork." (Craig, Department Manager, Local Government.)

Have this course tailored for your needs

The "Building Productive Teams" course can easily be tailored to meet the specific needs of your people and your organisation, just as we have done for a range of government and corporate clients. We want to be sure that you get the maximum benefit from your training investment!
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