Project Management Introduction

How can people on project teams get a sound project management introduction in just one day?

Most organisations have significant numbers of their people engaged in Project work as part of a project team, either full-time or in addition to "routine" work. While project team members may not need an in-depth course in project management, a short course can help to de-mystify the subject, explain the framework and templates used, and increase awareness and comfort levels with typical project processes.
The ProFocus one-day course, "De-Mystifying Project Management", provides both a general project management introduction and hands-on practice with a simple project framework, templates and processes. Participants work on case study projects (their own, if available) to develop their understanding of project management principles, and the skills required to be an effective project team member or leader of a small project.

Why choose this project management introduction course?


The content

All content is based on the global standard PMBOK principles and approach, enhanced and personalised by the real world experiences of our skilled trainers and the many past course participants who have contributed to our store of knowledge.

The trainers

Our course facilitators have many years of experience in managing large and small projects, running project offices, coaching and training in project management. We have trained others at all levels from introductory, through project governance to Diploma of Project Management, across a wide range of organisations and cultures.

The Approach

This workshop is very "hands-on" and interactive. We use either our simple project process framework, processes and templates, or your in-house versions for participants to gain familiarity and practice. Participants work on their own current or planned projects where possible, using the templates and various practical exercises to develop understanding and confidence with the tools and techniques. The activities and sharing of project management challenges provide real learner engagement and tools which can be applied immediately on the return to work.

What will people learn in this project management introduction?


Learning outcomes - participants will:

  • Understand "where projects come from" in your organisation, and the language and concepts of project management
  • Understand the roles, responsibilities and inter-dependence of everyone working on projects
  • Share experiences and understand what causes projects to fail or under-perform, and how using a standardised Project Process Framework and templates will improve performance and outcomes
  • Understand how to match documentation to project level, to get the right balance between control and flexibility
  • Gain confidence in using key templates by practising with real projects
  • Have greater awareness and confidence with the whole project management process

Have this project management introduction course tailored for your needs


The "De-Mystifying Project Management" course can easily be tailored to meet the specific needs of your people and your organisation, just as we have done for a range of government and corporate clients. We want to be sure that you get the maximum benefit from your training investment!

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