Project Management Training

Could first-rate Project Management Training boost your project performance and bottom line?

Just think - if project management training for key people involved in your projects could lift project performance by 5%, 10%, 20% or even more - what difference would that make to staff, funds utilisation, customer satisfaction and the bottom line? Run the numbers on your organisation. It will be surprising if a small investment in project management training does not pay for itself immediately and many times over!

Who should attend this project management training course?


Most organisations have significant numbers of their people engaged in Project work, either full-time or periodically. Many of those people have no project management training or standardised process or templates, and just "pick it up on the job".
This two-day course, "Project Management - The Core Skills", will benefit new project leaders and managers, and also experienced project managers who have no prior formal training. Their projects can cover a wide range of size, cost, time and complexity. Participants have come from a wide range of functions - from planning to parks and gardens, from tourism to IT, from engineering to environmental health.

Why choose this project management training course?


The content

All content is based on the global standard PMBOK principles and approach, enhanced and personalised by the real world experiences of our skilled trainers and the many past course participants who have contributed to our store of knowledge.
The course covers all 11 key project management competencies identified by AIPM and PMI, is designed to provide a sound base of understanding and practice to enable your people to manage small and large projects effectively and productively.

The trainers

Our course facilitators have many years of experience in managing large and small projects, running project offices, coaching, designing and delivering project management training. We have trained others at all levels from introductory, through project governance to Diploma of Project Management, across a wide range of organisations and cultures.

The Approach

This workshop is very "hands-on" and interactive. We use either our standard project process framework, processes and templates, or your in-house versions for participants to gain familiarity and practice. Participants work on their own current or planned projects where possible, using the templates and various practical exercises to develop understanding and confidence with the tools and techniques. The activities and sharing of project management challenges provide real learner engagement and tools which can be applied immediately on the return to work.

What will people learn in this project management training?


Learning outcomes - participants will:

  • Learn and apply a standardised Project Process Framework and templates
  • Understand the importance of thorough planning for project performance
  • Understand the importance of comprehensive stakeholder consultation and involvement at all stages of the project life-cycle
  • Understand the importance of clear definition of project goals, objectives and scope
  • Understand the impact of "people dimensions" and communication on project performance
  • Learn how to manage scope, risk, issues, change and "the big picture"
  • Practise and understand a range of useful tools and templates
  • Gain improved overall project management skills and confidence
"Thank you ...I found all aspects of the course very valuable, and have incorporated many of the practical elements of project management into my daily working life." (Karina, Events Co-ordinator, local government.)

Have this project management training course tailored for your needs


This course, "Project Management - The Core Skills", can easily be tailored to meet the specific needs of your people and your organisation, just as we have done for a range of government and corporate clients. We want to be sure that you get the maximum benefit from your project management training investment!
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