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How much would productivity improve if people could manage projects, problems, meetings and workload better?



Organisational effectiveness and productivity can be improved in many ways, and one area to look at is people's understanding of good process, and skills in managing those processes.
While all leadership and management revolves around people, having sound systems and processes provides the structure and framework for people to work with.
If we can build your people's skills to better manage projects, you will see better project planning and delivery on time, within budget and to specification.
If people are equipped to solve problems more effectively and make better decisions, you will see less conflict, better accountability, better outcomes and greater customer satisfaction.
We can improve productivity and reduce stress if time, priorities, meetings and workload are managed better, giving real benefits to your people and your organisation.

Courses to help improve productivity by planning and managing projects better


Q. Do project team members need a concise but informative introduction to project management?

A. Book our one-day course "De-Mystifying Project Management - An Introduction" to build staff knowledge of the project     management framework and process, terminology and templates.


Q. Do project managers need a solid and practical grounding in the 11 key project management competencies, to better plan and manage projects?

A. Book our two-day course "Project Management - The Core Skills", where participants combine the underlying process skills with practice on real projects using helpful templates, tools and techniques ready to apply in the workplace.


Q. Are your project leaders looking for more detailed skills in any of the key project management functions, such as planning and scheduling, managing stakeholders and communications, etc?

A. Book our one-day course "Project Management - A Deeper Dive" which will give a more in-depth look at the functions chosen by you to meet your organisation's specific needs.




Improve productivity through better problem solving and decision making


  • Do people ignore, defer or bury important issues and decisions?
  • Do they lack the best tools and techniques to deal with the wide variety of problems that arise, so they struggle to find and implement the best solutions?
  • Are decisions made in the most appropriate way for the situation and people involved, ranging from directive in an emergency to consultative where strong buy-in is required?
If better problem solving and decision making would improve productivity, performance and outcomes for your organisation, book our one-day "Problem Solving Skills" workshop to improve the skills and confidence of your people to make more appropriate and more effective decisions of all kinds and at all levels.


Courses to improve productivity and reduce workload-related stress

  1. Are your people stressed from the struggle to manage competing priorities, time pressure and high workload?

    Book our one-day "Working Smarter" course to help people to manage priorities and stakeholder expectations, set clear goals, objectives and work-plans, and deal with the many causes of poor time management.
  1. Are meetings sometimes unnecessary, unproductive, off track or out of control?

    Book our half-day intensive workshop "Running Effective Meetings" to reduce wasted time, improve effectiveness and outcomes.

  2. Need better writing skills for reports, proposals, letters and emails?

    Book our one-day "Business Writing and Communication Skills" workshop to build business writing skills and get your message across clearly.
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