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How much unproductive time, effort and cost could your organisation save if you learned to run effective meetings ?

Meetings large or small, formal or casual, can be the most frustrating, expensive and unproductive waste of your time. Sometimes, the direct time costs of a long meeting of senior people can run into thousands of dollars, and afterwards, you wonder what was achieved to justify that cost!
However, if you and your people learn to run effective meetings, they can also be one of the most productive means of communication and decision-making available to you, and repay the investment many times over. It all depends on how well they are planned and managed, and we can give you the skills to do that well.
Invest just 3 hours of your valuable time in our "Running Effective Meetings" workshop, and apply the skills and tools you learn to planning and managing meetings for maximum benefit and results for your organisation and your own workload and stress levels!

Who will benefit from learning to run effective meetings?

People at all levels of your organisation will learn valuable skills, tips and techniques to plan and manage meetings better, whether they are the initiators of the meetings or the sometimes unwilling participants!
Your organisation will benefit from time management, better focus and productivity, better communication and better meeting outcomes. Time is money, and good meeting management saves time, saves money, and improves organisational performance, whether local government or other.

What will you learn in the "Running Effective Meetings" workshop?


Participants will learn:

  • What typically goes wrong with meetings and why
  • To analyse the business case for deciding whether to schedule a meeting at all
  • The importance of agreeing and observing mutually acceptable ground rules
  • To set an agreed process for everyone to follow
  • How to assign and perform clear roles and responsibilities
  • How to stay on time and on track
  • To document and communicate agenda, agreements, events & assignments
  • How to both participate in and run effective meetings

What sorts of organisations will benefit from learning to run effective meetings?


A wide range of organisations has taken advantage of our "Running Effective Meetings" course, and have applied what they have learned with great results. Examples are:

  • Several local government councils (metropolitan and regional)
  • A volunteering umbrella organisation (not-for-profit)
  • A seafood industry association
  • A solar energy company
  • A regional tourism association
Book our "Running Effective Meetings" workshop now to help your people to save time, money and frustration, and make your organisation more productive and effective!
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