Self-Awareness for Leaders

Self-awareness and self-management

One of the key challenges for leaders and supervisors of other people is to be constantly alert and aware - aware of the surrounding environment and situation; aware of one's own perceptions, actions and reactions; and aware of the influence and impact of our behaviour on others. Without a high level of self-awareness, leaders and supervisors will struggle to show empathy, to lead, engage and motivate their people.

Aspects of Self-Awareness

Our one-day workshop focuses on several aspects of self-awareness, to help leaders to understand that there are many facets of them as individuals that will affect their relationships and leadership of other people. Among the aspects we look at are:
  • Leadership style - we use the highly validated and respected Full Range Leadership ® model to illustrate different modes of leadership and their impact on others, along with role-modelling.
  • Relating, conflict-management and change resistance profiles - participants self-assess against well-known models to gain a better understanding of their own and others' profiles and styles, and how to work with other styles.
  • Work roles - workshop participants review the percentage of their time that they spend on leadership / management / functional activities, versus the percentages they see as required or ideal in their position.
  • Work and team approaches - participants complete the Belbin Team Role Profiler ® for better self-awareness of their preferred working styles, and appreciation of the benefits of other approaches.
  • Input from others - we use the Johari Window ® and a variety of feedback tools to illustrate the importance of seeking, accepting and applying feedback from others to improve self-awareness and understand others' perceptions.

What will participants learn about self-awareness, self-management and awareness of others?

  • Understanding the importance of self-awareness and self-management in leadership
  • Balancing leadership, management and functional roles
  • Managing stakeholders' expectations and priorities
  • Managing your time and priorities, and your team's
  • Tools and techniques to help understand self and others
  • Understanding and working with diverse styles of working, relating, communicating, conflict management and change resistance
  • Actively seeking and being open to feedback
  • Understanding and using a coaching tool for personal improvement and coaching others

How will participants apply what they learn about self-awareness?

The workshop is all about prompting questions, self-analysis, overall awareness and ideas.

The final activity in the workshop is to complete a self-assessment, with each participant rating their performance on a range of self-awareness questions against the importance of that factor to good leadership in their own context. Where gaps (opportunities) are identified, participants use the ERGOS PIE ® coaching tool to prioritise their own improvement actions and development plans, for direct application when they return to their leadership roles.
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