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Manage Staff Performance - How to Lead and Coach Your Team to their Performance Potential

Many supervisors and managers graduate to people-management positions on the basis of their functional or technical skills, whether in selling, analysis, I.T., manufacturing, accounting, etc. They are then asked to manage a team of people - to lead, motivate and evaluate their performance - a process which requires constant discussion, feedback and coaching. Most people need training to improve these skills.
This intensive 1-day course is designed to develop the skills of your managers and team leaders to lead and coach their teams to achieve peak performance, and to effectively manage the ongoing development and appraisal of their staff.

Who will benefit from the "Manage Staff Performance" course?

This course will benefit anyone who supervises teams, cross-functional work-groups or individuals, especially supervisors who may be struggling with getting the best from their people, measuring and evaluating their performance, and providing development and support through coaching and training.
Your organisation will benefit from the growth, development, productivity and effectiveness of both supervisors and their staff.

What will your people learn about managing staff performance?

Participants will:
  1. Make staff performance management an ongoing conversation, not an event
  2. Recognise & understand causes of good and poor performance
  3. Identify & apply appropriate solutions
  4. Work with your organisation's performance system, process & context
  5. Handle difficult career discussions
  6. Practise communication & feedback skills
  7. Build coaching, development & support skills
  8. Self-assess performance management skills
  9. Develop personal improvement action plans

How will the "Manage Staff Performance" course fit with your existing performance review and development system?


Every organisation has its own culture and systems, so the course can easily be tailored to incorporate your system and documentation. We focus on core principles, and tailor content and discussions to meet the specific needs of your people and your organisation, just as we have done for a range of local government and corporate clients.

What is the feedback from course participants?


Here are some comments from participants in our "Manage Staff Performance" course:

  • "Opened my eyes about coaching skills and how I can do it better.
  • "Coaching and feedback. Making sure we have the documented objectives and evidence to base appraisals on."
  • "The value of SMART objectives, recording both positive and negative events, and treating performance management as ongoing - not an annual event."
  • "The course was beneficial and has immediate application to my work."
    • (Comments from team leaders in local government - a regional shire council.)
Have ProFocus tailor a "Manage Staff Performance" course to meet your organisation's specific needs!
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