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Do your people have a Train the Trainer qualification but not the practical experience to deliver truly memorable training?

Many people complete their Cert. IV in Training and Assessment or other Train the Trainer course, only to find that while they have the qualification - have "ticked all the boxes" - no-one has bothered to share with them the practical tips, hints and "tricks of the trade" that experienced facilitators use all the time. These tips can make all the difference between dry, boring and forgettable training, and an engaging, involving, dynamic and memorable learning experience for your trainees!
Book a "Trainer's Tricks of the Trade" workshop for your new or less expert trainers. Let our skilled and experienced trainers share their real world training experience across a wide range of organisations and cultures. Participants will learn the practical aspects of planning and preparation, catering for diverse audiences with different learning styles, and keeping people involved and engaged.
Learn some of the tools, techniques, activities, games and processes that will add flavour, zing and impact to the training.
Learn how to make the learner the focus of the session, to ensure that your message is absorbed and applied in the workplace. This is Train the Trainer plus!

What makes this Train the Trainer course different?

We expect that people coming to this course will be new or inexperienced trainers from all fields - corporate, government, not-for-profit and industry - who may or may not have completed a training qualification such as Cert IV Training and Assessment. They will probably be frustrated that they haven't learnt the everyday, practical tools, techniques and tricks needed to make their training a meaningful and engaging experience for their trainees.
This course, as its name suggests, draws on the experience of our skilled facilitators, coaches and trainers, to share the practical tips, hints, templates, tools, techniques and tricks which help to make training truly memorable (and fun!) so it is immediately applied in the workplace.

What will your people learn in this Train the Trainer workshop?


Learning outcomes - participants will:

  • Learn and develop practical training and facilitation skills to use in their training roles
  • Reinforce communication skills needed in training and facilitation
  • Develop a menu of options to choose from in meeting different learning needs and styles
  • Learn about the tricks of the trade through active participation and exercises
  • Blend these real-world skills with their formal training knowledge to improve overall training effectiveness and impact

"Loved the training content - active, interesting, the group discussions and examples, and much more!" (Glenys - local council training co-ordinator.)


Have this Train the Trainer course tailored for your needs

The "Trainer's Tricks of the Trade" course can easily be tailored to meet the specific needs of your people and your organisation, just as we have done for a range of local government and corporate clients. We want to be sure that you get the maximum benefit from your training investment!
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